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Follow your Heart on a BraveFull Journey

Picture yourself restoring to the Authentic and Original person you have always been. What do you think you will find? You!

Helping Woman Learn to Love Themself

Understanding the Lies and discovering the Truths will Restore you to the Loving Soul hiding under layers of Labels.

Soul Restoration Retreat

As a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor, the Life altering Soul Restoration Curriculum developed by Melody Ross is now ready for you.


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Hello Beautiful Brave Sister,Join me for a Soul Restoration Retreat on September 14th-17th in Indianapolis, IN. 46278.
You will be restoring your soul, finding your truth and developing skills to be Bravefull with other wonder-filled women next to Eagle Creek Park, where we can hiked enjoy the sounds of nature as you open to all the possibilities.

Bravefull - Journey to Courageous & Abundant Life

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SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2017

Indianapolis, IN.